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Details for Team ASUS
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Description Owners and fans of ASUS hardware. Unofficial and not affiliated.
Points 1,835,021 (+2,108)
External Link ASUS
Created 18:54:52
Password Protected No
Users 2,998
Individual Results 14
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2nd Place: Silver Cup
2nd Place: Silver Cup
Global Rank #2
Position Higher than 98.68% ranked results
Qualification 2nd Place: Silver Cup
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Name Points Computers/Devices Created Country Team
Howiewowie Howiewowie 5,256 (-1) 3 20 July 2022 USA USA ASUS ASUS
tsawjimbo tsawjimbo 4,047 (0) 2 9 January 2020 Canada Canada ASUS ASUS
Dayan Productions Dayan Productions 3,734 (0) 2 5 February 2018 UK UK ASUS ASUS
Robin Ducker Robin Ducker 3,681 (0) 2 27 June 2023 UK UK ASUS ASUS
Xargo Xargo 3,577 (-3) 1 14 February 2018 Suomi (Finland) Suomi (Finland) ASUS ASUS
Hugo Rocha Hugo Rocha 3,259 (0) 2 2 June 2018 Portugal Portugal ASUS ASUS
BB-SYSTEMM BB-SYSTEMM 3,097 (0) 1 24 June 2019 España (Spain) España (Spain) ASUS ASUS
drus drus 2,983 (0) 3 15 June 2019 Беларусь (Belarus) Беларусь (Belarus) ASUS ASUS
mehars mehars 2,937 (+1) 4 5 September 2021 Türkiye (Turkey) Türkiye (Turkey) ASUS ASUS
ThomasTSUN ThomasTSUN 2,801 (0) 2 18 August 2017 USA USA ASUS ASUS
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Individual Results
Benchmark User Team Computer/Device Result ID Score Capacity Speed Power State Platform Operating System Created
File System Bandwidth File System Bandwidth Gabriel Camacho Gabriel Camacho ASUS ASUS ASUS All Series ASUS MB (ASUS H97M-E) ASUS All Series ASUS MB (ASUS H97M-E) KINGSTON SKC300S37A240G KINGSTON SKC300S37A240G (240GB, SATA600, SSD) (NTFS, 4kB) 181.97MB/s 240.06GB Normal Server/WorkStation Windows x86 6.1.1 7 January 2016
File System I/O File System I/O GGZ97 GGZ97 ASUS ASUS ASUS All Series ASUS MB (ASUS Z97-PRO) ASUS All Series ASUS MB (ASUS Z97-PRO) TOSHIBA Q300 Pro TOSHIBA Q300 Pro (256GB, SATA600, 2.5", SSD) 12,493.1IOPS 256.06GB 6.00Gbps Normal Server/WorkStation Windows x86 6.1.1 6 April 2016
Internet Connection Internet Connection Howiewowie Howiewowie ASUS ASUS ASUS  (ASUS TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4) ASUS (ASUS TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4) Intel Ethernet I225-V Intel(R) Ethernet Controller (3) I225-V (Ethernet, 1Gbps) 0.27MB/s 1,000.00Mbps 1,000.00Mbps Normal Server/WorkStation Windows x86 12 July 2022
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