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1948 bearvarian
1948 bearvarian
Deutschland (Germany)
Deutschland (Germany)
Name 1948 bearvarian
Points 36 (0)
Status Active
Created 10 June 2015
Password Protected Yes
Language German
Country Deutschland (Germany)
Computers/Devices 1
Individual Results 1
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Low Performance ;(
Low Performance ;(
Global Rank #78,352
Position Higher than 9.79% ranked results
Qualification Low Performance ;(
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Name AMD / ATI
Status Active
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Name Points Platform Popularity Created User Team
Lenovo 80EC IDEAPAD (Lenovo Lancer 5B3) Lenovo 80EC IDEAPAD (Lenovo Lancer 5B3) 36 (0) Laptop/Netbook 1 10 June 2015 1948 bearvarian 1948 bearvarian AMD / ATI AMD / ATI
0 - 1 (1)  End
Individual Results
Benchmark User Team Computer/Device Result ID Score Capacity Speed State Platform Operating System Created
Processor Arithmetic Processor Arithmetic 1948 bearvarian 1948 bearvarian AMD / ATI AMD / ATI Lenovo 80EC IDEAPAD (Lenovo Lancer 5B3) Lenovo 80EC IDEAPAD (Lenovo Lancer 5B3) AMD A10-7300 Radeon R6 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G AMD A10-7300 Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G (2M 4T 2.7GHz/3.2GHz, 1.2GHz IMC, 2x 2MB L2) 24.47GOPS 4CU 2.69GHz Normal Laptop/Netbook Windows x64 6.3 10 June 2015
0 - 1 (1)  End
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