Crucial CT500P1SSD8 P1 500 GB (3D, NAND, NVMe, PCIe, M.2, Solid… Samsung 970 EVO 2 TB V-NAND M.2 PCI Express Solid State Drive WD Black SN750 High-Performance NVMe Internal Gaming SSD, 500 GB
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Name vorksholk
Description vorksholk
Points 2,323 (0)
Status Active
Created 17 February 2018
Password Protected Yes
Language English
Country USA
Computers/Devices 1
Individual Results 7
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Excellent Performance ;)
Excellent Performance ;)
Global Rank #413
Position Higher than 99.53% ranked results
Qualification Excellent Performance ;)
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Status Active
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Name Points Platform Popularity Created User Team
Xen HVM domU Xen HVM domU 2,323 (0) Server/WorkStation 18 18 February 2018 vorksholk vorksholk ACER ACER
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Individual Results
Benchmark User Team Computer/Device Result ID Score Capacity Speed State Platform Operating System Created
GP (GPU) Scientific Analysis (Normal/Single Precision) GP (GPU) Scientific Analysis (Normal/Single Precision) vorksholk vorksholk ACER ACER Xen HVM domU Xen HVM domU 8x nVidia Tesla V100-SXM2-16GB 8x nVidia Tesla V100-SXM2-16GB (640SP 640C 1.53GHz, 10MB L2, 145.7GB) (OpenCL) 16566.37GFLOPS 640CU 1.53GHz Normal Server/WorkStation Windows x64 18 February 2018
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